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From the day Imogen was born, my life changed. Every moment, good, bad, or somewhere in between, is poetic. As an artist, a professor, and a feminist, each moment of interaction is laced with the hopes and desires I carry for how her life will unfold, and yet, the mother-daughter relationship is complicated by the unexpected way in which the reality of those moments and events shared in life unfold. Haiku alludes to the intimate daily circumstances between my daughter and me, and the historical and cultural influences that shape us both. We are tied by experience, memory, and DNA. The series consists of multiple images arranged in sets of implied narratives. Each piece is deciphered through the examination of symbolism, metaphor, color, and movement through the images and thread. The images incorporate pigment prints on cotton sateen fabric, with hand embroidered thread throughout. The thread serves to physically connect separate photographed moments in time, while also visually referencing the emotional journey we experience together every day through the use of stitched patterns.