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Founded in 1732, Vincennes, Indiana is a city steeped in rich history. What began as a French fur trading post, became a bustling hub of culture and activity from the late 1800's into the first half of the 1900's. Vincennes was witness to the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and was able to survive the economic disruption of the World Wars and the Great Depression. Like many other cities in the Midwest, the town has since seen much of its success fallen by the wayside as residents and businesses have left for new opportunities elsewhere over the last several decades. This series explores the damaged and disintegrating domestic architecture of one Midwest town. What look to be abandoned spaces are really the residences of the people here. The architecture is a reflection of those who are left behind and discarded. It represents what I have come to find is the common state of mind of those who still inhabit this place, as this city, and the people in it, literally fall under the weight of poverty and neglect. The images evoke the haunted feelings that resonate when passing these buildings, and the many lives they have been witness to in the hundred or so years since their construction.